Cannes Wrap

After titling this “Cannes Wrap,” I was very tempted to write a Cannes Rap. However, I have not had nearly enough caffeine this morning for that to happen. But if you ask me about it later, I will oblige.

I’ve said it before, and it remains true so I’ll repeat it…Cannes Lions was so much more than I ever expected. I went to France knowing that my experience would be amazing. I anticipated learning about marketing and digital media from highly skilled people. I expected to meet great people and talk with them about the industry, their experiences and life in general. I thought I would have a lot of fun with the other four girls on the trip with me from Newhouse. This all happened. But Cannes Lions went above and beyond my expectations. I am going to try to come back every year. It is beyond amazing.

Goodbye toast with NewhouseIDSM before leaving Cannes.

Throughout the week, I was constantly impressed by the work on display and the humanity brought in to the advertising. Many international campaigns worked to make society better. I wish more ad agencies had this mindset. I feel in love with Lowe + Partners for their work with the Colombian government. They used creativity against terrorism. Many of the campaigns that were showcased at Cannes blew my mind.

I’m a big fan of trying new food, so I cannot travel without finding something that I love. First off, chocolate croissants are amazing. They are infinitely better in France than in the few places I’ve tried them in the U.S. But for a real meal, I suggest Le Cafe Florian. The duck is delicious. Also the waiter Jeffrey (I’m probably spelling his name wrong) was, without a doubt, the nicest person I met in Cannes. He was super friendly and attentive. We ate there twice, and he remembered what we had ordered the first time. If you’re ever in Cannes, eat there. You won’t regret it.

Getting back on the topic of communications, here are my top tips from Cannes:

  • Consumers like to be a part of something bigger, but they don’t have a lot of time to spend doing these things. INVOLVE your audience in what you’re doing, but keep it simple. They should not have to run around in circles before figuring out how to be involved.
  • LISTEN! This applies to most everything in life. Listening will almost always help you find an answer to your problem. If you truly listen to your audience and learn, not only what they think of your product/service, but what they’re going through in life, you can determine how you can make their lives better. This will create rapport with your audience and will increase your brand loyalty.
  • If you want your audience to remember something, TELL A STORY. Don’t just list facts (like I’m currently doing.) When you tell a story, your audience is drawn in, and they become emotionally invested in the story. Because of this, they care more about it and remember the details.

If you have any questions about my experience at Cannes Lions, tweet me @HeatherCosson.

Au Revoir!


About Heather Renae Cosson

SU Grad student, PR Practioner & #SocialMedia Strategist who loves singing, cooking, decorating & event planning.
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