Creating a relationship with generation social

Many of the sessions I attended at Cannes Lions discussed how to reach generation social AKA the millennials. Side note: I much prefer generation social. The millennials sounds like a bad wannabe pop band. My generation is extremely social, at least online. We like to share pretty much everything. While I was in Cannes, the girls I was with instagramed everything. They wanted their friends and family to see what they were doing and experiencing in southern France.

My generation wants to feel involved and engaged in something bigger. We want to be a part of the conversation. I believe most people probably feel this way, but it is amplified in my generation. While I was live tweeting from the conference, I was most impressed with the brands that had someone live tweeting during the session to keep the conversation going online. Not everyone was able to do this because a few speakers were by themselves. When this happened, they often responded or retweeted things after the session was over.

Contagious Magazine at Cannes Lions

Contagious Magazine did a great job of actively engaging the online conversation during their presentation.

Here are a few tips for reaching generation social:

  • Keep it simple
  • Be sincere
  • Keep the conversation going
  • Listen
  • Continue listening
  • Offer your audience a solution to one of their problems
  • Do not use social media to push a product!

This last tip requires elaboration. Social media should be used for building rapport and trust with your audience. Use it to listen, find out what they like, don’t like, need and wish for. If you use it to push a product, you will lose them. Because social media is intended to create conversations and relationships. Make sure you never forget this.


About Heather Renae Cosson

SU Grad student, PR Practioner & #SocialMedia Strategist who loves singing, cooking, decorating & event planning.
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