Compromise & Creative Cooperation

At last night’s final seminar, Bill Clinton addressed the advertising community. He spoke on the problems we’re facing in the world today and what steps we need to take towards finding a solution. Compromise is something Americans are struggling with. Our country has become increasingly polarized. Republicans vs. Democrats. Instead of working together, we are tearing each other apart. Because of this, the United States is beginning to fall behind other countries in terms of progress.


Bill Clinton told a story of a time when he was called to Brazil. The government was trying to increase technological progress while preserving the rainforest. Top members of government met with execs from oil companies and other companies that had an interest in the hydrotechnology they were working on. Everyone sat around a table and, despite their differences in career fields and interests, they spoke respectfully working towards finding a solution. While a perfect solution was not possible, they wanted to find the best one.

“In a complex world with a lot of variables, there is wisdom in diversity.” -Bill Clinton.

We cannot do everything on our own. It takes many people of different backgrounds and opinions coming together to create a better world. As was the case in Brazil, there is no perfect solution. We will not solve every problem, but by working together, we can get closer to perfect. Every day we should strive to be a little closer to perfect than we were yesterday.

How can we do this? By working together. By listening and learning from people with different experiences than ourselves. By putting this knowledge together to create something great. That’s creative cooperation.


About Heather Renae Cosson

SU Grad student, PR Practioner & #SocialMedia Strategist who loves singing, cooking, decorating & event planning.
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