Interning in NYC

May 21st, I moved to New York City to intern with the PR firm, Schnur Associates Inc. So far, it’s been chaotic, stressful, but mainly, it’s been amazing. I love this city. There is always so much going on, and I finally get to see why USA was called “the melting pot”. You don’t get diversity like this in smaller cities. Just on my way into work, I pass by people of all ethnicities, and I can buy any food cuisine I want. Just the other day, I went to a Japanese restaurant that specializes in desserts. I had a green tea creme brulee, and it was delicious and not too sweet.

But, I don’t need to spend this whole blog entry talking about food. My internship is going really well. In the past two and a half weeks, I have taken over a social media campaign for a big NYC parade. We monitored the social media accounts, encouraged conversation and directed spectators who were already online discussing the parade to our social media pages. Now that the parade is over, I’ve compiled reflections and recommendations for the client. I’m also working on getting media placement for other clients. This involves researching the client to understand what the story is and researching reporters to find a good fit. Too many PR people just email reporters without understanding what it is that reporter writes on. I want to make sure that I’m not that kind of PR practitioner.

This is a short update, but I’m learning a lot, and I’m loving this city. I’m also crazy excited about going to Cannes, France next weekend for the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity. I will be live-tweeting from the conference as well as blogging about my experience. So…stay tuned and keep smiling. 🙂


About Heather Renae Cosson

SU Grad student, PR Practioner & #SocialMedia Strategist who loves singing, cooking, decorating & event planning.
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